difficulty: ***** anyone can do this
prep time: ***** like 2 mins TOPS
clock time: *** 6-8 hours. plan ahead

This is the "classic" southern barbecue. It's also SUPER cheap and SUPER DUPER easy to cook. It's very versatile and can be served in soup, sandwiches, on nachoes, or in many "traditional" barbecue-style preparations (sliced, chunked, shredded, etc).

What to buy

Get "pork butt". Pretty much anything called "butt." Boneless is OK, tends to be more consistent. Bone-in cuts are larger and will have more dark/light meat variety, which may or may not be interesting.


Rub meat liberally on all sides with “Butt Rub.” Place in a deep foil tray (2”) with the fat side on top. Sprinkle more rub on the fat layer.

Oven Method

Cook at 300° until internal temp. hits 195+° (about 5-6 hours). Increase oven temperature to 350° until internal temp. of meat hits 205°.

Resort Method

In an emergency situation (like, vacation) where you have an oven but no temperature probes ... no worries! Rub your meat as usual, get a cheap $1 foil tray, and huck it in the oven. 275° will take 6-ish hours. If you're in a hurry, oven temp up to 325° will be OK. Keep it going until the top (fat layer) feels crispy when poked with a fork. If in doubt, stab the side. When it falls apart, it's ready.

Smoker Method

Use light wood. Cook at 250° until internal temp. hits 195+° (about 5-6 hours; push through the stall). Cook full blast until internal temp. of meat hits 205+°.

Best Way to Serve

Remove from the oven. The top layer will be very crispy and should lift off easily with a fork. Separate this and eat it before anyone finds out. Break the rest into chunks, or tear with a fork into shredded pork.


Heat in a skillet until the edges are crispy. Makes a great nachos meal (carnitas); use the liquid “Queso” usually sold in a plastic tub in the cheese section at the grocery store.