difficulty: ***** anyone can do this
prep time: ***** like 2 mins TOPS
clock time: ***** 30 mins. No planning required

When at the grocery store...

  • Prime Rib: aka "standing rib roast". Good price if under $10/lb (typically $18-20/lb.). Get about 1 lb. per person.
  • Oven Brisket: Good price if under $6/lb (typically about $10/lb.). Get ½ - 1 lb. per person.
  • Pulled Pork (aka picnic shoulder, Boston butt, etc. -- bone-in & do not cut the meat): Cheap at $3/lb (typically $3-4/lb). Get ½ - 1 lb. per person
  • Pork Belly & Chashu & Cracklin': usually about $5/lb, maybe ½ - 1 lb. per person


Montreal Steak Seaonsing for prime rib; Coffee Rub for brisket and smoky prime rib; “Butt rub” (yellow “Butt Rub” is made with mustard) for pork.

Olive Oil Spray

Pam (in the green can)