difficulty: **** I can do this
prep time: *** ~ 15 mins
clock time: **** 2-4 hours

Snert, or Erwtensoep -- it's split pea with stuff in it.

What to buy

    half recipe
  1. 1 bag of peas. Any kind of peas, about 12-14 oz probably.
  2. 1 pound smoked sausage or kielbalsa
  3. 1/2 qt (16oz) chicken stock
  4. 2-4 red potatoes
  5. half a bag of celery
  6. 2 carrots
  7. 1 leek
  8. 1/2 onion
  9. Spices: salt, smoked salt, chili powder, ground pepper, garlick, creole seasoning, cajun seasoning, siling labuyo (The Good Stuff), etc etc. Follow your heart
    Big Recipe
  • Use a hambone 1-2# pork. A butt is probably OK, but you'll want some bones in there.
  • Thy Pot Runneth Over
  • Prep

    Peas, 1/2 the sausage (I prefer larger chunks), chicken stock, and enough water to cover it. Bring to a boil, then simmer for an hour. If you're using raw pork or hambones, dump it all in now. Use HUGE chunks of pork, it'll soften up. Trust me on this one.

    Chop up the veggies and remaining meat into bite-sized parts, dump 'em in the soup. Add garlic, chili powder, salt / pepper, spicies, etc to taste. Follow your heart on this one, you have an hour to dial it in.

    By the end of the 2nd hour, or when the potatoes are soft and the onions are clear, go nuts.


    Ladle into bowls and dig in.

    Traditional Dutch tell me to sprinkle in crispy bacon bits.


    It's better the next day. If it's thick enough to eat with a fork, add a little water.