I have (finally) made a proper PCB and am offering an LVD / battery saver kit.

This is based on the Custom Arduino-based LVD, but incorporates a 60A N-channel MOSFET. For simplicity's sake, this has a single MOSFET for switching on the ground side. While the components are rated high, it's probably best for relatively low draw (~5A). For high-draw components you can easily use the LVD to fire an automotive electromechanical relay and drive as much current as you like!


This LVD project is offered as a "solder-it-yourself" kit, with all components needed to install it:

  • The LVD PCB
  • all required components
  • programmed ATtiny85
  • 3 terminal lugs & 3 nuts/bolts
  • an attractive heat-shrink cover
  • magic calibration tool

The "plug-n-play" version is all of the above PLUS I solder it up, test, and calibrate. You just plug it in to your application. Shipping now!

All of the above is "open" (open source, open hardware) -- you may download and modify my designs, or order and build them yourself, for noncommercial purposes. I ask that you maintain my copyright, and please let me know if you use the project for something cool.

Usage and setup instructions are here!

The code and schematics are freely available on GitHub