Not a lot of footage of Christmas; we mostly relaxed and enjoyed it.


Drew learned to tell time (to the quarter hour) and got to pick out a new watch. Surprising us all, he chose a dinosaur watch. It came in the mail and he called daddy to talk about it.

We spent Thanksgiving with Granddaddy and Oma in Neptune Beach; unlike last year, we planned to do mostly nothing.


Drew got a little "dinosaur egg" that opens in water and turns into a little towel. We got him to sing an improv t-rex song to coax it open, and ran it through an app Auntie Leslie financed.

Jake has two very-nearly-identical "Lightning McQueen" cars; the only meaningful difference is that one has bugs in his teeth. Jake hates this car, and is careful to inspect both to ensure he gets the "right" car.

Jake is getting pretty good with his singing, considering that he doesn't actually talk much.

He actually got naked and ran around, but mommy stopped recording :(

Oma turned 39 (again):