We went to the keys; it was windy & rough so we mostly did touristy-stuff, including the new "Aquarium Encounters" in Marathon which is pretty cool.

We stopped by Animal Kingdom on the way up to Neptune Beach; Jake loved the hippo, Drew was more into the rides.

In Neptune Beach we made up for lost time, fishing 5 days in a row. The weather was great and the fish were hot; we tagged 2-3 every day, easily hitting Graddaddy's goal of 10 tags for the week. We also picked up 2 starfish, 2 stingrays, a big redfish, and saw lots of dolphins and other sea life.

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Marathon, Aquarium Encounter:

Snorkeking at Bahia Honda:

Shark Fishing 6/25 (GoPro attempt #1):

Shark Fishing 6/26 (GoPro attempt #2):