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Friday, 01 August 2014 21:35
Introducing the wiiceiver! A drop-in "plug and play" replacement for a traditional RC receiver. It has a standard 3-pin servo connector, a second 2-pin connector for external UBEC if required, and a port for a Nintendo Wii Nunchuck.

Looking for instructions? click here

With a $10 Nyko Kama wireless nunchuck, the wiiceiver becomes the world's best electric skateboard controller.

The wiiceiver + nunchuck has the same functionality as a standard RC controller + receiver, PLUS:

Open Source & hackable!
Arduino-based, with source code, schematics, parts lists, PCB layouts, and instructions, all freely available on GitHub
Tiny, ergonomic remote
the wireless nunchuck is a small, comfortable handheld unit
automatic "dead man" switch
if the remote is dropped or loses connection, the board idles
"Cruise control"
hold C and adjust faster/slower with the stick
Throttle smoothing & limits
acceleration limit & throttle smoothing for a pleasant, responsive throttle
A solder-it-yourself kit is available for $25; see below, I have a limited quantity of "1.5" kits available for $19. A replacement ATmega328P is available for $3.50 + shipping, and any other components are "free" after shipping.
Kit version
Visit the Endless-Sphere forum to see discussion about the development of wiiceiver, and reviews from active customers
Kits come with a PCB, programmed ATMega328, all components, and a protective heat-shrink cover. You supply the solder, iron, and time. And nunchuck. And skateboard. :)

There were a few minor flaws in the v1.5 boards produced; I have a few extras, and will sell the 1.5 kit for $19. See here for a photo of 1.5.1 and 1.5. My personal board uses the 1.5 kit, it works fine -- it's missing the custom printing, and the "S1" port is just a BEC port. A short wire will enable port S1 for a full servo port.

Keywords: controller electric skateboard nunchuck wiiceiver

Download this file (IMG_20150129_075216.jpg)1.5.1 vs 1.5[Shot of the updated 1.5.1 board, beside a panel of 1.5]1890 Kb06/02/15 03:40
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