Jake learned to ride his bike last weekend. He actually picked it up almost immediately, but at first he didn't want to ride unless I was physically in contact -- just a finger on his shoulder was enough.

Friday 4/20: His little glider -- a small bike w/ no pedals:

Sunday 4/22: A bike path nearby -- great for practicing:

Sunday 4/22: He finally decides to just ride by himself, after we made a deal -- if he rode the to playground, he could play on it.

We went to Monterey (stayed in Pebble Beach) for Spring Break this year. We spent time at the aquarium (of course), but also went whale-watching and fed some beach squirrels.

Jake & Drew (and dad, Oma, and Granddaddy) went out on Monday and saw a family of Gray Whales (with a calf); we also saw lots of dolphins, otters, and sea lions. Drew & Granddaddy went out again on Friday and saw some Humpbacks breaching (not pictured).


This year's party was at the Pleasanton Valley Pool Club -- we hosted lots of friends for a ginormous pool party.

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Snorkeling on 6/13 -- Jake & Drew, first trip

We spent spring break in a beach house near St. Augustine, FL, with Granddaddy, Oma, Auntie Bridget, and Uncle Ian.

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Drew's kindergarten (all 3 classes at the school) gave a "Goldilocks" pageant.

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Jake does the alphabet in order, using a toy on the fridge: