I got a bunch of Yahoo! instant messenger emoticon fridge magnets from work. Jake likes to imitate their expressions.

Drew mimicing the line-dancing at Texas Roadhouse

Jake has been playing with little Buzz Lightyear toys, saying "To Infinity ... and Beyond!" and flying them around.

At some point mommy grabbed Jake and did the same thing. Now Jake wants to "fly" whenever it's time to go upstairs.

Drew got a lot of Lego sets for Christmas; it started from a single "Brickmaster" book he got from Borders -- a set with about 150 pieces and 5 different scenes (16 models) to build, from the Atlantis theme.


Drew demoing some Star Wars LEGO models:

We visit Santa @ Bass Pro Shops:

Drew & Jake discover the first presents under the tree:

We made a quick trip to Disneyland, just one day, to catch it before school starts.
13 hours in the park wiped us out, but we had a good time.


Drew is big enough for the good rides, so we hit (almost) all of 'em:

  • The Matterhorn Bobsleds (Jake got to ride this too)
  • Big Thunder Mountain
  • Space Mountain

Space Mountain was the favorite, of course.

Drew & Jake at their first day of school.

Drew started kindergarten at the public school; not a lot of shots, he's an old pro by now. The teacher has already reported him for being "talky" in class and he's got several new friends.

Jake is still a little young for preschool, but he seems to like it and we know the teachers from when Drew went through. So far he's doing well and is not too disruptive.