Green Tree Frog tadpole:

Older frogs, in a larger watergarden (same house):

This year we celebrated Drew & Jake's birthday at "Frankie's Fun Park" in North Charleston. Arcade, bumper boats, the "Drop Zone", racing karts ...

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The boys got Crazy Carts for their birthday, which is also the first day of school. So they had a chance to play with them the weekend before...

We went to the keys; it was windy & rough so we mostly did touristy-stuff, including the new "Aquarium Encounters" in Marathon which is pretty cool.

We stopped by Animal Kingdom on the way up to Neptune Beach; Jake loved the hippo, Drew was more into the rides.

In Neptune Beach we made up for lost time, fishing 5 days in a row. The weather was great and the fish were hot; we tagged 2-3 every day, easily hitting Graddaddy's goal of 10 tags for the week. We also picked up 2 starfish, 2 stingrays, a big redfish, and saw lots of dolphins and other sea life.


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Jake's class took a trip to the Oakland Zoo. He brought his camera, which was a big hit and was shared around. The last half of the pics were from mommy's camera.

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Jake learned to ride his bike last weekend. He actually picked it up almost immediately, but at first he didn't want to ride unless I was physically in contact -- just a finger on his shoulder was enough.

Friday 4/20: His little glider -- a small bike w/ no pedals:

Sunday 4/22: A bike path nearby -- great for practicing:

Sunday 4/22: He finally decides to just ride by himself, after we made a deal -- if he rode the to playground, he could play on it.

We went to Monterey (stayed in Pebble Beach) for Spring Break this year. We spent time at the aquarium (of course), but also went whale-watching and fed some beach squirrels.

Jake & Drew (and dad, Oma, and Granddaddy) went out on Monday and saw a family of Gray Whales (with a calf); we also saw lots of dolphins, otters, and sea lions. Drew & Granddaddy went out again on Friday and saw some Humpbacks breaching (not pictured).

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